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What is Assemblage Art?
The Found Object  
Who Is Nefertiti?
Nefertiti Reincarnated as Herself, a VIP Awakening!
Nefertitiís 40th Reincarnation: Paddling to Earth
Nefertiti is Queen of the Summer Doll House
The Evolution of the Animal Ark: Alchemy of the Found Object
The Animal Ark Series
Serenade of the Male Bird
The Wheel of Fortune: Lost in Time, The Animal-Ark-Crop-Circle Shield Is Found
Alchemy in the Magical Kitchen of the Vegetarian Cooking Queen
Inspirations from Childhood: The TurtleÖ
Inspirations From Childhood: "Look what Flew into my Window":
The Swan-Snake-Dragon  within the DNA of Summer's Colour
Inspirations From Childhood: Summer Fantastic!
When I was a Child I Dreamed of what I would Find Inside the Sea
The Man On The Wall Transcends Through:
"I am a painter working within a sculptural context".

"My quest in art is always to go beyond appearance".

"Bird imagery symbolically represents: the free minded spirit of the artist.
Metaphorically flying in the uncharted skies of the creative process- artís imagination".

"Like the Surrealists and Dadaists, I am concerned with the otherworldly and with inventing new realities".

"Through the use of animal symbolism, I invent, uncover and rediscover the lost myths that live in the unconscious mind".

"My highly detailed painterly style transforms the animal figures and masks into vital energy forces. These magical spirits demand respect from the viewer. By portraying animals in such a light, my intention is to sensitize others to the divine nature of animals and to explore the human condition through animal symbolism".

"Colour is of major importance in my art and is used in various combinations in order to stimulate the senses and enhance the power of the image".

"My imagination is a key force in my art. I discover images in the most unlikely of places".

"I feel that many things in life go unnoticed. The things my four senses find
have endless possibilities for profound meaning. Translating some of
these treasures into works of art Is my goal".

"In the process of painting the found objects, I often feel like an archaeologist rediscovering and inventing lost relics".

"This is how my work begins. I dig for the connection - the meaning that will bring my abandoned orphans home".

"Among these seemingly unrelated objects I seek relationships, digging like an archaeologist for meaning".

"My search for a context and home for my orphans and relics uncovers stories of fantasy and poetry".

"His staff, sword or magic wand is indeed a lucky paintbrush paddle".

"Found objects make my work very physical and tactile.
My instinctive use of colour transforms them and gives them new life".

"I have constructed fantastical, often whimsical, environments where a personal and universal narrative emerges".

"The patterns of these socks are filled with pictograms that further enhance this narrative".

"In a play/film, having a main/star character is essential to the narrative; in my work it is the same".

"Nefertitiís intriguing essence allows me to focus with greater energetic passion, a departure point for my artistic expression".

"It is an exploration in the repetition of portraiture".

"Figuratively speaking, I began to unclone her because I value uniqueness. Fascinated with the structure of the bust: like a skeleton with no striking features, I saw the endless potential to dress, transform and reinvent her".

"Time is the revealer, healer of consciousness".
The Resurrection of Nefertiti and Her Passionate Paint Brush