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Woman Artists In Canada  Eve Damie
Woman Artists In Canada  Artists Statement: 57 Reincarnations of Nefertiti
Woman Artists In Canada  The Evolution of The Animal Ark: Alchemy of the found object
Montreal Mirror   Recycled Renaissance
Vie Des Arts  The Reincarnation of Nefertiti 
Biodome of Montreal  The Animal Ark
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The Canadain Jewish News  Nefertiti Visits The Venice Carnival
Galerie Schorer  Alchemy of the Object: The Animal Ark
Maison des Artistes de Laval Trilogie Onirique
Galerie Opus 2  Eve Damie
"Her titles function as stepping stones leading the viewer into her multi-layered image-world with its endless detail and ambiguity. In short, Damie’s visual statement is about transformation, renewal and hope for a fragmented and chaotic world".
                        From: Galerie Opus 2
"The artist’s perspective is decidedly modern: “found objects” such as miniature toys and wooden chair parts animate the totem-like, constructed animal figures and masks. Teeming with a unique vibration of colours, dynamic composition and texture, her works delve beneath a seemingly mundane reality to expose a magical altered universe full of richness and spirituality".
                        From: Galerie McClure Montreal
"Discover the surreal, poetic universe of magical animals ... Eve Damie is an artist with a witty and often comical, fantastical way of expressing her ideas in her search for a balance between the abstract and the figurative in a symphony of colour and shapes. The rich and intricate iconography at work in these paintings creates a mythological narrative which can be read as a whole or in parts".
            From: Galerie Schorer
" The artist posses a sense of color detail and vitality that spawns unique works of art  L’arche des animaux is the first contemporary art exhibit displayed in the lobby of the Environment Place in 1995 The Montreal Biodôme is pleased to begin the year in the company of a talented artist whose sensitivity to life and the environment is admirable".                    
                        From: The Montreal Biodome
"Be they bas-reliefs or in three dimensional figures, the works she fabricates are quite spectacular. As a colorist, she uses an illuminating variety of pure, strong and intense shades, resulting in bold contrasts. The effects of her reds, greens, blues and yellows are powerful, a little like Rousseau’s jungles...".
                        From: Vie Des Arts
"Her refined sense of color ... and her poetic titles are doorways to a paradise bathed in luminescent colors." Like the Surrealists and the Dadaists Eve Damie is interested in strange new worlds, the fantastic, humor and the creation of new realities ..."
Galerie d'art d'Outremont
“To Eve Damie, art is even more than an activity. It ‘s the key to an imaginary world…follows the queen on an imaginary visit to the modern-day carnival”.
                        From: The Canadian Jewish News
What the Media is Saying About Eve Damie
Hedwidge Asselin
Eve Damie’s Masks And Cuirass
"Can we talk of: primitivism, surrealism, reprocessing and assembling? (Of everything altogether).
The work of Eve Damie, with
her personal expression escapes from any attempt of classification".
Hedwidge Asselin
"Damie's meticulous and refined technique is  a form of iconography  that dignifies and sacralizes images through adornment. Jewels and royal ornaments beautifully dress up her animals, suggest-
ing their glorification as mystical or sacred beings. Each animal, however, remains  unique thanks
to the complexity and multi-dimensionality of Damie's collage technique".
                        From: Maison des Artistes de Laval
“I feel  like an archaeologist, digging up objects,”  Damie muses, “and  they kind of  remind  me of  orphan  nomads that  I’m giving a home to, that  don’t really have a place.” Many of Damie’s found objects are animals, which she has a thing for. She used them exclusively in her art until the queen appeared and prompted some research into Egyptian history…".
                        From: Montreal Mirror