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My website shows over 97 works of art, spanning about 20 years of my artistic career. It is my archive, a historical document and can be read like a large (coffee-table style) art book. A frequent visitor will discover new chapters of my artistic vision on every page. The beauty is in the details and so my painterly narrative begins…

History of My Art Series (1989-2009)

I am a painter working within a sculptural context. My art is multifaceted in terms of style. My work embraces colour abstraction, pattern and texture within a figurative, yet expressionistic forum. Elements of Cubism, Post-Primitivism, Surrealism, Dadaism, Pop Art, Visionary and an Educated Outsider. I celebrate intuition and imagination. In the process of creating my work I rediscover and invent dream-like perspectives using fantasy and spiritual elements. I am fascinated with mythology, archaeology and anthropological iconography. Different emblems, signs and symbols are also part of my artistic inspiration. My detailed painterly approach often found with narrative elements creates poetic colour-scapes and more. Humor is also a great motivation. All these esthetic concerns have given me my unique and original style.

My 2 and 3-dimensional assemblages are technically well built wooden forms that I use as surface supports on which I attach selective found objects and then they are transformed by acrylic paint. These works are often in the shape of animal figures, masks and totems. My love of animals and their environment have inspired these series. My work began to mature, with a series of 2-dimensional relief-paintings: wall-based acrylic assemblages: Alchemy of the Object, The Animal Ark Series (1989-2002). The Animal Ark has evolved into the series titled: The Reincarnations of Nefertiti (1996-2009-). The Nefertiti Series is my first sculptural series. It is a natural progression from creating only 2-dimensional assemblage, wall paintings towards making 3-dimensional assemblage sculptures. The Animal Ark Series is solely about animals with no human figuration. Concerning the evolution of my work, the Nefertiti Series brings forth the first human element, a female. In each life cycle Nefertiti’s face is transformed into a different mask, while sporting a hat of power. I have constructed fantastical, often whimsical, environments where a personal narrative emerges. Nefertiti is the deity of divine animals and often becomes one.

I am also working on a series Titled: Heart Art (2004-2009-).
These works are small format collage paintings, on canvas or wood using acrylics.
The Heart Art Series investigates the sign and symbol of the heart. I am using mixed media collage techniques that express an urban and graffiti-graphic poetry about love.

I am still passionate about The Nefertiti and Heart Art Series that was born from The Animal Ark. Concerning my recent works (2010-): the mystery of the mask, expressions of the heart and animal symbolism continue to be explored in new ways. These themes are also explored in depth with The Works on Paper Series (1980-2009-) section of this website.

Career History

I began my love of art at the age of ten and seriously began creating art at sixteen.
I have devoted myself exclusively to creating art since 1980. Now 48 and in mid-career, I have 32 years experience as a professional artist and continue to work full time in my art studio in Montreal. Since 2009, I have had 15 solo and over 110 group exhibitions in Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York. London (England), Edinburgh and Switzerland. My work is part of over 175 collections worldwide.

Some selected highlights of my career are: showing 38 Nefertiti works in glass cases at Maison de la culture Mercier (02), sponsored by the city of Montréal. The Georges Laoun windows on St.Denis showcasing Nefertiti works. My Animal Ark solo shows at the Biodome of Montréal (95), VAC (94) and Galerie d'art d'Outremont (93) were well received. Participating in 11 group shows at Pratt & Whitney Canada- Les Femmeuses. A great honor to be selected for The Royal Over-Seas Gallery exhibits (94 and 97) in London. England and Edinburgh, Scotland. I flew to London to attend this prestigious event. Gallery Stratford, Arts2000: a national celebration of visual arts produced by the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts (RCA) in Stratford, Ontario. I received a travel grant by The Canada Council for the Arts to do public relations at this event. I was given The Society of Canadian Artists & Antoinette (Toni) Stevens Award at Ogilvy’s Tudor Hall-(The SCA 37th juried show in 04). A dinner event with honorary guest: Michèle Lortie, art collector. Montréal, QC. (Sponsored by Galerie d'art Mme Alonzo- Femmes en Art Festival 93). In 1995 I received Second Choice of the Jury, The Canadian selection by an International Jury for The 1997 Paris Biennial and European Tour, Organized by Magazin'Art, Montréal. Being part of many large collections worldwide including The Musée du Québec Art Bank and La Collection Loto-Québec, Montréal. Recently I participated in the 2009 Galerie Loto Québec group show (L’oeuvre et la manière).