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Curriculum Vitae Eve Damie
© 2009 Eve Damie  

(Last  update - November, 2010) 
Born: October 17, 1961, Montréal, Québec.

Recent Exhibitions

2010 Centre sur la biodiversité                  
La soirée bénéfice au profit de la Fondation des
Muséums Nature de Montréal
Title of exhibition: Nature au pluriel / Diverse Nature
(12 Selected Artists, VIP Evening, $250 a ticket)  (See Colour Catalogue)
(September 23, 2010) Montréal, Québec

2009 Galerie Loto Québec (L’oeuvre et la manière) - (Style of the Art Work) 30th anniversary show of the collection. (Featuring selected artists in relation to the secret universe of  creation within the artists studio), (See Colour Catalogue Bookmark)
(May 27 to September 6, 2009). 

Academic Training

BFA, 1986 Concordia University, Fine Arts Department,
Major in Painting and Drawing, Montréal, QC.
Art Teachers: Tom Hopkins, Jean McEwen, Daniel Oxley, and Marian Wagschal.

Studio Arts, 1980-1982 Dawson College, Montréal, QC.
Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography and Sculpture.
Art Teachers: Freda Guttman Bain, Catherine Young Bates, Andrew Dutkewych,
Andres Manniste and David Moore.

Awards and Prizes

2004 SCA- Society of Canadian Artists & Antoinette (Toni) Stevens Award.
         Tudor Hall- La maison Ogilvy. SCA 37th Juried Show, Montréal (October 14-24 2004).

2000 Received a Travel Grant by The Canada Council for the Arts: 
         Arts2000, at Gallery Stratford, Ontario. (April 2000).

1996 Manhattan Arts-International Award of Excellence.
         In recognition of artistic achievement in the 1996 fifth Annual Art Competition,
         Renée Phillips, Editor in Chief, New York, NY.

1995 I received Second Choice of the Jury, The Canadian selection by an
         International Jury for The 1997 Paris Biennial and European Tour,
         Organized by Magazin'Art, Montréal.

1994 Merit of the Jury for Mixed Media, Altérite 1.
         Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges. Montreal.
         Prize was participating in a 5 person retrospective show at Maison de la culture
         Côte-des-Neiges. Altérité 2- (June 21  to  August 25, 1995).

1993 Second Prize for Mixed Media, given by the: Canadian National Exhibition  
         Centre (CNE). Creative Clock Expo. Toronto, Ontario. Produced by Krista Gallery.
         Second Prize for Mixed Media, Creative Clock Competition, given by Krista  
xxxxxGallery,Don Mills, Ontario.

My Works are Part of over 175 Private and Public Art Collections including:

La Collection Loto-Québec, Montréal, QC.
The Musée du Québec Art Bank, Québec, QC.
The City of Outremont Municipal Collection, Outremont, QC.
Bernard LaMarre Collection, Westmount, QC.
Charles, S.N. Parent Collection, Montréal, QC.
Michèle Lortie Collection, St.Lambert, QC.
Robert Poulin Collection, Montréal, QC.
Nicole Lebanc Collection, Montréal, QC
Michel and Renita Wallack Collection, Sarasota, FL., USA
Alice R. Friman Collection, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Sharilyn Miller Collection, Laguna Hills, CA., USA
Mary Tucker Collection, Essex, England.
Boller Collection, Baden, Zurich, Switzerland.

Art Association Membership

1996-1998, 2000, 2004 Society of Canadian Artists (SCA), Toronto.
1993-1996 Le Conseil de la Peinture du Québec (The Painting Council of Québec). 
1995 Visual Arts Ontario (VAO).
1996-Woman's Art Resource Centre (WARC), Toronto.
1988-Art Texte, Documentation Centre and Slide Registry of Canadian Artists, Montréal.

Eve Damie Special Projects

2007 to 2009 Creation of my Website: art administration, archiving,
photo editing and design concept.
Special THANKS to the collaborative efforts of the Web Master-
Spencer Design of Long Island

December 1987 to February 1988
Traveling in Europe: Switzerland, London, Munich and Dachau. Taking over 1,000 Photographs of these cities. I also was promoting my Works on Paper to Private Collectors in Switzerland.

May to August 1986
The Door Project, Itzehoe, North Germany: I created a painting on an exterior house door of a 17th century House. Private Sponsor: free room and board and art materials for 2.5 Months. After this project finished, I took photographs of Berlin East and West, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Den Hague. The themes in this photo series were: Urban Graffiti, City Signs, Urban Industrial Junk, Burnt Buildings, Window and Door Reflections, Architectural forms and Animals. These photographic subjects were then artistically translated into paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Solo Exhibitions

2002 Maison de la culture Mercier, The Reincarnations of Nefertiti within the Animal Ark
         Series, Sculptures and Assemblages. I  received an honorary Grant from the
         City of  Montréal for this exhibition. (September 14 to October 27, 2002).

2001 Georges Laoun: The St.Denis Windows, Assemblages and Sculptures. Montréal.
         (June 17 to July 20, 2001).

1996 Gallery Schorer, Alchemy of the Object, The Animal Ark Series,
         part 6, Acrylic Relief-Paintings and Assemblages. Montréal.
         (October 9 to October 29, 1996).

1995 Biodôme de Montréal, Evolution of the Animal Ark Series: Alchemy of the Object,
         part 1-5. Montréal. (February 23 to April 30, 1995).

1994 Gallery McClure, The Visual Art Center, The Animal Ark Series,
         part 1-4. Westmount, QC. (November 3 to November 26, 1994).

1994 The Montréal World Trade Centre, The Animal Ark Series: The Birds,
         part 3. Old Montréal, QC. (September 6 to October 18, 1994).

1994 Maison du Brasseur, Gallery 1 & 2, The Animal Ark Series,
         part 1-2. Lachine, QC. (January 22 to March 12, 1994).

1993 Galerie d'art d'Outremont, The Animal Ark Series ,
         part 1. Outremont, QC. (October 6 to 26, 1993).

1993 Galerie d'art Mme Alonzo, Pre-Animal Ark Works. Solo and Vernissage
         Dinner with Honorary Guest: Michèle Lortie, Art Collector. Montréal, QC.
         (Solo - Dinner Event: May 5, 1993).
         Femmes en Art Group Expo: March 29 to May 23, 1993).

1989 La Galerie des Foufounes, The Visual Secrets of Circles and Squares,
         Assemblage Paintings and Sculptures. Montréal. (February 5 to March 3, 1989).

1986 Concordia University Va Gallery, The Man on the Wall Series,
         Mixed Media Works on Paper. Montréal. (November 11 to November 15, 1986).

1986 Tabou Music Center, Manikin Sculptures & Assemblages. Montréal.

1985 Gallery X Machina, Assemblages, Montréal. (September 18 to October 5, 1985).  

1984 Apartment JE, Art in the Environment of Rooms.
         Westmount, QC. (May 19 to 21, 1984).  

1978 The Cinema V  Windows, Mask and Faces, Works on Paper. NDG., QC.

International Group Exhibitions

1997 The Royal Over-Seas Gallery (ROSL), Park Place, St.James, London, England.
         (September 10  to 21,1997).

1997 The Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.
         (October 6  to 27, 1997).

         Royal Over-Seas League 14th Commonwealth Expo.
         (Overseas Artists were invited to  stay at London House for 4 Nights and
         I attended  various activities dealing with this exhibition). (Colour Catalogue).

1996 Ward-Nasse Gallery: The Creature Feature.
         Prince Street, Soho, New-York, NY. (January 3 to January 26, 1996).

1996 Ward-Nasse Gallery: Land, Sea and Dreamscapes. Thematic exhibits.
         This Gallery is a Non-Profit alternative space since 1970.
         Prince Street, Soho, New-York, NY. (February 29 to March 24, 1996).

1994 The Royal Over-Seas Gallery, Park Place, St.James, London, England.
         (September 8  to 18, 94).

1994 Edinburgh College of Art, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, Scotland.
         (October 10 to 28, 1994).

         Royal Over-Seas League 11th Annual Commonwealth Exhibition.
         (Colour Catalogue).

National Group Exhibitions

2010 Centre sur la biodiversité     
         La soirée bénéfice au profit de la Fondation des
         Muséums Nature de Montréal
         Title of exhibition: Nature au pluriel / Diverse Nature
         (12 Selected Artists, VIP Art Evening, $250 a ticket)  (See Colour Catalogue)
         (September 23, 2010) Montréal, Québec

2009 Galerie Loto Québec (L’oeuvre et la manière) - (Style of the Art Work)
         30th anniversary show of the collection. (Featuring selected artists in relation to
         the secret universe of  creation within the artists studio),
         (Colour Catalogue Bookmark) (May 27 to September 6, 2009). 

06-08Thomas More Institute Exhibition Center, 
         The Thomas More Institute  Annual Group Exhibitions. Montréal.

2006 Pratt & Whitney Canada. Les Femmeuses. Longueuil,QC.
         (See Catalogues). Previous 11 Years Exhibited:
         2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1993 and 1992.

2006 Galerie Bernard, selected New Works, group show of Gallery Artists, Montréal.
         (June 2003 to 2006).

2006 Galerie Sandra Goldie selected New Works, group show of Gallery Artists,
         Montréal. (2004 to 2006).

2005 Galerie Loto Québec, The Thomas More Institute Annual Exhibition. Montréal.
         Previous years exhibited: 2000-2005,1999 Galerie Loto Québec.
         1997 The Strathearn Centre. 1996 Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.
         1995 Gallery 705. 1992-1994 Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges.

2004 Tudor Hall- La maison Ogilvy. SCA 37th Juried Show, Montréal
         I was awarded a SCA- Society of Canadian Artists and
         Antoinette (Toni) Stevens Award. (October 14 to 24, 2004).

2003 Galerie ArtXpo, Joie de Vivre  and  Rhythms of Montréal. (June to August).

01-02The Shayne Gallery, TMR, QC. (October 2001 to April 2002).

00-01Galerie Diagram Art, Old Montréal, QC. (November 22, 2000 to May 2001).

2000 Gallery Stratford, Arts2000: a national celebration of visual arts produced by the
         Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Stratford, Ontario.  (Colour Catalogue).
         I was awarded a Travel Grant by The Canada Council for the Arts
         to attend this event. (May 29 to September 4, 2000).

2000 Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Moving into the Next Millennium:
         Secular Transitions, (The Unusual - The Outrageous - The Expected).
         Montréal, QC.  (June 15 to October 15, 2000). www.ville.montreal.qc.ca/maisons

2000 PassArt: Passage1999-2000. A celebration of Québec Art. Rouyn-Noranda,QC.
         (May 3 to September 3, 2000). www.lino.com/passart

1999 The Living Arts Centre, Perspectives 99. Sponsored by Pratt & Whitney Canada.
         Mississauga, Ontario. (October 21 to 23, 1999). Catalogue.

1999 Maison de la culture Frontenac, Lost Objects, 15 Artists. Montréal.
         (April 9 to May 23, 1999).

1999 Maison des Arts de Laval, Salle Alfred Pellan, Trilogy Onirique.
         3 Artists. Looking for Paradise, The Animal Ark Series, part 5-7.
         Laval, QC. (December 15, 1998 to January 10, 1999).

1998 Galerie Raphael Essebag, Visual Euphoria. 4 Artists.
         Animal Figures from the Animal Ark Series, part 7.
         The Alexander Building, Montréal. (August 26 to September 26, 1998).

97-98The Painting Council of Québec: A Voyage, Pluralité 1997 to 1998. 24 Painters
         works  were Selected to travel across Québec to various exhibition sites:
         Musée Marius-Barbeau, Saint-Joseph-de-Beauce:
         September 30 to November 1, 1998. 
         Centre Culturel de Trois-Pistoles: June 25 to August 16, 1998. 
         Galerie d'art Parc, Trois-Riviéres: April 12  to May 24, 1998. 
         Centre national d'exposition de Jonquiére: January 17 to March 8, 1998. 
         Musée d'art de Mont-Saint-Hilaire: November 30, 97 to January 11, 1998. 
         Galerie d'art L'Union-Vie du Centre culturel de Drummondville:
         October 19 to November 13, 1997. 
         Centre culturel Henri-Lemieux, Lasalle: September 17 to October 12, 1997. 
         Centre d'exposition de Rouyn-Noranda: May 25 to Juin 29, 1997.

1996 John B. Aird Gallery. Society of Canadian Artists 29th Annual Juried Exhibiti.
         Toronto, Ontario. (September 5  to 28, 1996).

95-96Galerie Schorer, Monthly Group Shows, Montréal.

1996 The Sun-Life Building, Earth. 5 Artists
         Selected and organized by The Painting Council of Québec. Montréal.
         (May 7 to June 11, 1996) (July 4 to 25, 1994)

94&96Salle Augustin-Chénier, Miniature Art Biennial,
          Ville Marie, QC. (May 8 to August 11, 1996).

1995 Salon of Art Galleries of Québec, A preview of the Canadian artists that will show
         at the 97 Paris Biennial, Organized by Magazin'Art.
         Place Bonaventure. Montréal.
         I received Second Choice of the Jury, The Canadian selection by an
         International Jury for The 1997 Paris Biennial and European Tour.
94&95Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges, Altérité 1. (Catalogue).
          Merit of the Jury for Mixed Media, Altérite 1. (June 16 to August 19, 1994).
          Prize was participating in a 5 person retrospective show at
          Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges. Altérité 2. (June 21 to August 25, 1995).

94-96The Painting Council of Québec: A Voyage, Pluralité 1994 to 1995. 28 Painter’s
         works were selected to travel across Québec to various exhibition sites:
         Le centre de créativité du Gesù, Montréal:
         December 14  to 22, 1995  and Jan 3  to 6, 1996.  
         La Salle Augustin-Chénier, Ville-Marie: October 11 to November 19,1995. 
         Centre d'exposition de Mont-Laurier: August 27 to September 22, 1995.
         Centre d'exposition de Baie-Saint-Paul: July 10 to August 15, 1995.
         Musée régional de Côte-Nord, Sept-Iles: March 12 to May 7, 1995.
         Le centre national d'exposition de Jonquiére: January 14 to February 26,1995.
         Galerie d'art du Parc, Trois Rivière: November 6 to 20, 1994. 
         Palais Montcalm, Québec: September 3 to October 23, 1994. 
         Centre culturel de Trois-Pistoles: June 30 to August 14, 1994. 
         La Galerie d'art du Centre de Drummonville: May 15 to June 12, 1994.

1995 Sodarco, Reflets de l'art d'ici et d'ailleurs. Old Montréal.
         (December 3   to 23, 1995).

1995 The Jacob Windows at Centre Fairview Pointe-Claire,
         The Feminine Viewpoint. Pointe-Claire, QC.
         (May 25 to June 19, 1995).

1994 The Jacob Windows at the Montréal Eaton Centre, The Feminine Viewpoint.
         A National exhibition across Canada in The
         Jacob Store Windows. Colour catalogue. (May 11 to June 18, 1994).

94-94Galerie 55 Prince, 55 Painters, Old Montréal. (Catalogue).
         (November 25 to February 2, 1995).

1994 Harrison Galleries, December Show. Old Montréal.
         (December 3 to 4, 1994).

1994 FAC-Foire d'art Contemporain, An art Expo of Québec Galleries.
         Montréal. (Oct. 21 to 24, 1994).

1994 Centre interculturel Strathearn, Convergences. 5 Artists Selected.
         Montréal. A collaborative work was produced in the gallery and
         a preview of each artist’s works was also showcased. (May 7 to 29, 1994).

1994 Galerie d'art d'Outremont Benefit and Exhibit,
         Bal des 4 Z'Arts. Outremont. (May 13, 1994).

1994 Gallery McClure of the Visual Art Center & Gallery Westmount,
         Benifit: 20 Designers Ceramic Plates by Renowned Artists.
         Westmount, QC. (May 18 to May 25, 1994).

89-94Galerie John Donovan, varies group shows: Represented by this Gallery.
91-92Galerie Citron, Montréal.
89-90Galerie Opus 2, Montréal.

1993 CNE: The Canadian National Exhibition Center,
         The Better Living Center. The Creative Clock exhibit & competition.
         The CNE 2 Prize for Mixed Media. Toronto, Ontario.
         (August 18 to September 6, 1993). 

1993 Krista Gallery, Preview For The Creative Clock Exhibition at the CNE.
         The Krista Gallery Second Prize for Mixed Media.
         Don Mills, Ontario. (July  25  to 31, 1993).

1993 Centre Exposition Constantin Brancusi,
        A Québec multi-cultural exhibit of Contemporary Art. Montreal, QC.
        (Catalogue). (March 31  to  April 21, 1993).

91-92The Art and Sales Rental Gallery
         of the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts. Works on Paper.

1991 Lydia Monaro Galerie D'Art,
         Quebec Perspectives.
         Montréal. (September 8 to 24, 1991).

88-91Auxiliary of Maimonidies Hospital Geriatric Centre,
         Art Gala's. Cote St.Luc, QC. (October 6 to 7, 1991).

1989 Mail Art Project, Birds of Flight. Theme exhibit,
         Produced by Guillermo Deisler. Berlin.

86-89Gallery Pink, Theme Exhibits : Condition-Critical,
          Le Lunch à la Khazoom, Pissed-off, The Return of the Vernissage Bottle,
          Lamp-Light and Varies other Shows.
          Three Montréal Painters, (November 5  to 30, 1986). Montréal, QC.

1989 Memorial Hall, Masonic Temple,
         The Old Brewery Mission Art Exhibit & Auction.
         (April 4  to 13, 1989). Montréal.

88-89Ariel Gallery, member-gallery. Art-Mine Slide Registry and Flat Files.
         Selected works on paper- consignment.
         Soho, New-York, NY.

1988 Inhalorium, Ten artists. 15 works on paper selected.
         Arrau, Baden, Switzerland.

1988 Matslyama Central Post-Office : Communication gallery,
         ArtCore 88. International Mail-Art Exhibit. Post-card photos selected.
         Matslyama, Japon. (November 5  to 20, 1988).

1989 Contemporary Art Gallery Aono,
         international Mail-Art exhibit. Ink drawings selected.

1988 Le Garde Manger Food Bank, Fund Raiser & Auction.
         4 hours to create a work of art in public. Montréal, QC.

87-88Montréarts, Represented during this time.
         Group Shows. Montréal.

1987 Galerie Rendez-Vous, Represented during this time.
         Group Shows. Montréal.

1988 Zone Multi-Media Art Studio, Zone Images.
         Artists of the studio exhibit. Mtl. (Sept. 26 to  27, 1988).

1988 Gallerie Publications, Slide Registry. Vancouver, BC.

1987 McIntosh Galley at the University of Western Ontario,
         The London Regional Gallery and Forest City Gallery:
         Hommage to Marcel Duchamp. (July 28 to September 13, 1987).

1985 Scarrow Shnier Gallery, Modern Canadian Art.
         Old Montréal. (July 13 to  August 31, 1985).

1985 Espace Kata Logo, Kineo Forma Presents : Mobilier Infini.
         Old Montréal. (July 11 -  August 7).

85&89Foufounes Gallery. Peinture en Direct.
          Creating a painting in 1 hour in front of an audience
          and then the works are auctioned. 1991: Body Painting at the Lizard Club.

1984 The Visual Arts Gallery of Concordia University,
         Interior Mirrors. Concordia and UQAM : students & faculty show.,
         Montreal. (and other group shows 84-86).

82-83Painting Full time in an Art Studio in Vancouver, BC.

1982 Concordia University VA Gallery, Dawson College Studio Art,
         Graduating Exhibit. (April 19  to May 3, 1995).

1982 Dawson College Visiting Exhibit at the University of Plattsburgh, New-York.

1982 Vancouver Woman in Focus Society Gallery, Matronize 1982.
         An arts & media centre.

1982 The Vancouver Folk Festival, designing motifs in wood for a
         health food concession. (December 4 to 24, 1982).

Exhibition Catalogues 

Conseil de la Peinture du QC. Perspectives Peinture, Repetoire 1ére edition,
1995. Page:53, Montréal. (Colour).

Pratt & Whitney Canada, Les Femmeuses: Longueuil, QC.
2006, 2005,2004, 2003, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1993, 1992.
(2006:Page 31)  (2005:Page 26)  (2004:Page 29)  (2003:Page 25)
(2000:Page 25)  (1999:Page 30)  (1998:Page 18)  (1996:Page 19)  
(1994:Page 13)  (1993:Page 28)  (1992:Page 29) 

Royal Overseas League. Annual Commonwealth Exhibition.
11th 1994 and 14th 1997., London, England. (Colour).

Conseil de la Peinture du QC. Pluralite 1994 to 1995, Page: 18.  
Pluralité 1997 to 1998, Page: 18. Montréal, QC.

Maison de la culture Côte-des-Neiges.
Altérité 1, Page 17. Montréal.

Magasins Jacob. Feminine Viewpoint 1994. Montréal.
(Colour).   Poster in Colour, 1995.

Galerie 55 Prince.
55 Peintres au 55 Prince, 1994. Vieux Montréal.

Centre d'exposition Constantin Brancusi
1993. Montréal.

Books and other Print Material

Francoeur, Eliane. "Petit bonheur deviendra grand",
Les Editions de l'Homme. Page 170. 1995 Canada.

Oliveros, Chris. "Drawn & Quarterly". International comic,
1991. Issue No 3, Montréal.
(Full-back cover page in color).

Polygram Records Inc., Mercury Label. "Just Say Yes to Another Excess".
December 1990. Toronto, Ont.
(Compilation of several bands from the UK & USA).
Front & Back cover for CD & Tape,

also inside Front & Back Cover of  the CD  Booklet.
(1996 painting titled: Primitive Cave Foundation).
Polygram Records Inc., Vertigo Label.
"Brown Album, Bootsauce". International distribution,
June 1990. Canada (Conceptual Art for Inside Jacket
of CD & Tape, also Back cover of Record).

Hejira Journal, McGill University Press. Ink drawings.
Spring 1985, Vol. 3  #1, Cover & Page 6 & 32. 
Winter 1985 to 1986, Vol. 2  #4, Pages: 3, 9 and 12.

Press & Periodicals / Presse et périodiques

Soloman, Heather. Group interviews, SCA 37th Show,
Canadian Jewish News
(week of October 14th  Issue. Montreal, 2004.

Asselin, Hedwige. Réincarnations de Nefertiti, Critiques,
Vie des Arts,
Page 74 et 75. (avec photo couleur).
No 190 Printemps 2003.

Woodley, Matthew. Recycled Renaissance; interview,
Photo and Review , Maison de la culture Mercier, 
The Montréal Mirror,
October 3, 2002, Vol.18 #17. Page 49, Montréal.

Objet Perdus, photo publicitaire de Sérénade de l'oiseau mâle.
Maison de la culture Frontenac.
Le Devoir, Art Visuel, samedi et dimanche
17 &18 avril 1999. Page B13. Montréal.

Dreamscape, colour photo & text for Trilogy Onirique.
Maison des Arts de Laval.

Gazette, Weekender, Out There, Page W10,
Saturday January 2, 1999, Montréal.

Sights of Delight, text & photo for Visual Euphoria. Galerie Raphael Essebag.
Gazette, Woman and News, section F4,
Monday August 24, 1998. Montréal.

Euphorie Visuelle, photo. Galerie Raphael Essebag.
Ici, Art Visuel, Page 40, 20-27
août 1998. Montréal.

Woman artists to the rescue, text & photo.
Les Femmeuses 98.
Gazette, headline page of Books & Visual Arts section,
Saturday May 2, 1998. Montréal.

Elephant Boy's New Suit, Colour Ad. Galerie Schorer.   
Magazin'Art, Vol.9  #1, Page 124 
Automne / Fall 1996. Montreal.

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Gazette, The Westend Leisure section,
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Journal Côte-des-Neiges, Page 14,
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Journal Jonquiére,
Janvier 1995, Jonquiére, QC.

Artsline - Best Bets, text. Gallery McClure (VAC).   
Gazette, Page F4.
November 3, 1994. Montréal.

Eve Damie to show her Animal Ark at the VAC, text & photo.
Gallery McClure at the Visual Arts Centre.
The Westmount Experience, Vol.1  #32,  Page.21,
October 26, 1994. Westmount, QC.

Jacobs, Maxime. L'art n'a de bornes que le talent et l'éloquence.
Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neiges.
L'Express Côte-des-Neiges, Arts & Culture, #1, Page 11 et 12, 
Août 1994. Montréal.

Cron, Marie-Michèle, L'Hétéroclite altérité - 1001
nations organise une exposition multimedia sur le phénomène de l'Altérité.  
Le Devoir, Art Visuel, Page C11, samedi & dimanche
23 & 24 juillet, 1994. Montréal.

Altérite, review.    Especial de la Voz, Page 10 et 11.
July 5, 1994. Montréal.

Eve Damie one of 6 artists featured in Convergences,
text & photo. Centre Gallerie Strathearn.
Hour, Visual Arts, Vol. 2  #16, Page 25.
May 19-25, 1994. Montréal.

This Week Artists at Work, Cover colour photo and text.    
The Downtown Experience, Vol. 1  #7,
Thursday May 5, 1994. Montréal.

Artists Create Art on Ceramic Plates.
Benifit for the McClure Gallery- VAC.   
The Westmount Experience, May 5, 1994.

L'Arche des Animaux 2 : Exposition d'Eve Damie,
texte & photo. Maison du Brasseur.
Le Messenger Lachine-Dorval, Vol. 65,  #3, Page 18,
Mercredi, le 19 janvier,1994.   
English Version: Page 8 on February 9, 1994.

Maison du Brasseur, Photo and  text.   
Gazette, Woman & News, Page C2,
January 17, 1994. Montréal.

Jacobs, Maxime, L'Arche des Animaux,
Eve Damie expose à la Galerie d'art d'Outremont, photo & text.
L'Express d'Outremont, Arts & Culture, # 35, Page 9,
1 octobre, 1993. Outremont, QC.

L'Arche des Animaux, La Galerie d'art d'Outremont.
Le Journal d'Outremont, Visuel Art,11 ième édition, #6, Page 18.
octobre 1993.

Shepard, Audrea. This Week Artists Creations Recall Magic Totems
(D1) ; Modern Magic (D2). Review with 2 photos,1 colour.   
The Gazette, Woman & News, Wednesday May 3, 1993. Montréal.

Femmes en Art, text with photo.   
The Montréal Mirror, Visual Arts, Page 44,
April 29 - May 6, 1993. Montréal.

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Opus 2 Gallery Artists, Review.   
Suburban, January 10, 1990.

Thieves Just Love Artists Paintings, article.   
Gazette, Page C3, February 13, 1989. Montréal.

Duvivier, Françoise. Metro Riquet, International Mail-Art Mag,
Photo of Manikin Sculpture.
September 1988. Paris, France

Shnurmacher, Thomas.
Artists will Paint in the Park to Benefit Montréal's Hungry.   
Gazette, August 5, 1988. Montréal.

Springate, George. Artists Paint on the Spot for Montréal's Hungry.    
Montréal Daily News.
August 10, 1988.

Lehmann, Henry.
Anger in the Pink. Review of Gallery Pink.   
The Montréal Daily News.
June 22, 1988.

NDG Community Newspaper #1,
Drawings for Cover and Page 6.
August 1983


April  2005
CFCF Pulse News. Art Talks, 
Les Femmeuses 04 & 05. review. Montréal.

Octobre 2002  
Capsule,CIVM, Télé-Québec, Flash-Promo,
Les Réincarnations de Nefertiti, Maison de la culture Mercier. Montréal.

May 1999   
Salut Bonjour,CFTM / TVA,
critique de l'exposition Objets Perdus. Maison de la culture Fontenac. Montréal.

April. 30, 1999    
Pulse News, CFCF,
Review of Les Femmeuses 99, Montréal.

Mars 9, 1995    
Visions D'Amérique, International Télévision TV5.
Critique et Présentation de l'exposition Solo par Eve Damie,
avec Anne Charpentier, Muséologie du Biodôme de Montréal.

Feb. 28, 1995    
CBF Bonjour, 690 AM Radio,
Biodôme Revue avec Francine Grimaldi, Montréal.

Feb. 27, 1995    
Le Grand Journal du Midi, TQS.
Critique Biodôme. Montréal.

Feb. 24, 1995    
CBC News Watch, City Beat, CBMT.
Review of Biodôme, Montréal.

April 27, 1996    
CFCF Pulse News.
Les Femmeuses 96 review. Montréal.

August 17, 1994  
Quatre Saison, Le Grand Journal de Cinq Heures, TQS.
Critique  Altérité 1. Montréal.

Mai 9,1994   
Vision 5, International TV5.
Critique de convergences, Strathearn Centre Galerie. Montréal.

Apr. 24, 1994    
La ruée vers l'art, Radio- Canada.
Critique de convergence. Montréal.

Week of Oct. 17, 1993 
TV Outremont, Videoton.
Entrevue Solo à  Galerie d'art d'Outremont.

Week of Oct. 10, 1993 
Trace Libre, Videotron. 
Galerie d'art d'Outremont. Montréal.

June 23,1989   
Musique Plus, 5:30 pm.
Critique de Condition Critical, Gallery Pink, Montréal.

Feb. 25,  1989   
Plein Gaz, Videotron. Critique par Suzanne Boisvert.
Solo at Foufounes. Montréal.

Works in Major Private Collections across Canada, USA, England Switzerland and other countries in Europe.

Mary Tucker, Essex, England
Michel and Renita Wallack, Sarasota, FL., USA
Marie-Eve Varon, Westmount, QC
Sharilyn Miller, Laguna Hills, CA., USA
Catherine Young Bates, Montréal, QC
Alice R. Friman, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Manon Vennat, Montréal
Brenda Murray, Montréal, QC
Bernard LaMarre, Westmount QC
Eleanor Perkins, Montréal, QC
Charles S.N. Parent, Montréal
Helen Kogan, Westmount, QC & Vermont, USA
Michèle Lortie, St-Lambert, QC
Dr.Heather and Dr. Wendy Fox, Montreal, QC
Marie Maude Grenier, Montréal
Carole Rabinovitch, CSL, QC
Michèle Boudrias, Montréal
Lucie St-laurent, Montreal, QC
Mr.Lambert, Montréal, QC
Caroline Behar , Montreal, QC
Béatrice Favereau, Westmount, QC
Eric Flusing, Westmount, QC
Jennifier Patton, Westmount, QC
Gianguido Fucito, Montréal, QC
Jeanine Bouthiller, Outremont, QC
Arteka, Montréal QC
Elaine Francoeur, Outremont, QC
Hedy Lis, Montréal, Qc
Hedwige Asselin, NDG, QC
Daniel Laroau, , Montréal, QC
Pascal Baudaux, Montréal, QC
Nicole Lebanc, , Montréal, QC
André Henri Belzile, Montréal
Ann Levy, Côte St-Luc, QC
Elizabeth Tremain, Montréal, QC
Dr. David Rabin, Montréal
Suzanne E. Des Marais, Montréal
Robert Head, NDG, QC
Janson Wong, Montréal
Jack and Kate Wolofsky, Montréal
Dr. Michèle Francoeur, Montréal
Carol Segal, CSL., Montréal
David Carruthers, Montréal, QC
Gerald Charbonneau, Ste-Thérèse, QC
Catherine Simard, St-Emile, QC
The Cushing Family. De Lacolle, QC
Carol Hamel, Gestion Pointe-Claire, QC
Esther Torjman and Gary Saxe, Montréal
Gerry Leigh. Jazze-Design Inc. Vancouver, BC
Ruth Brown, Mahone Bay. Nova Scotia
Brigitre Hébert, Toronto, Ontario
Marvin And Phyliss Silverman, Ottawa, Ontario
Alice Reynolds, Toronto, Ontario
Kathy Goldman, Miami, Florida, USA
Jochen Momberg, Spenge, Germany
Dr. LP. Ringe, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Lydia & Henri Cohen, Brossard, QC
Mark Hodge, Camdenton, Missouri, USA
Robert  Poulin, Montréal, QC
Boller Family, Baden, Zurich, Switzerland
Claire Morin, Paris
Andre Geisbuhler, Zurich,
Chris Notter, Zurich, Switzerland
The Ehlers, Itzehoe, North Germany
La Collection Loto-Québec, Montréal, QC.
The Musée du Québec Art Bank, Québec, QC.

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