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…That is the sensation, albeit visual, offered by the 37th National Open Juried
Exhibition of Visual Arts, installed by the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA)
at Ogilvy’s Tudor Hall Oct.15 to 24, 04. Five Montreal artists of the more than
100 participants from across Canada are representative of its creative energy…

To Eve Damie, art is even more than an activity.
It is the key to an imaginary world. Also intrigued by found objects, she
literally incorporates these into her works in what is called “Assemblages.”
Her show piece, titled The Hidden Mystic: Nefertiti Visits the Venice Carnival,
is a painted mask made up of a real chair seat, wooden bowls, polished stones
and one of the busts of Nefertiti that Damie purchased from a store to use in
a series featuring the queen of Egypt.

The narrative, chock full of symbols that engage the mind and patterns that
busy the eye, follows the queen on an imaginary visit to the modern-day carnival.*

*(Only parts of the original review have been reproduced in this section).