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Pantomine Tao Of The Buffalo Woman
She Is Named Zebra Prince
I Am Queen of The Summer Doll House
Alchemy in the Magical Kitchen of the Vegetarian Cooking Queen
The Resurrection of Nefertiti and Her Passionate Paint Brush
Vibrations of Nefertiti
Nefertiti`s Accordion-Peacock Persona
Nefertitiís New Persona
Animal-Spirit on My Head! Grounded by the Sacred Tree
Diety of the Frog Dynasty, Where is my Prince?
Magical Existence of the Doll-Cat Girl Named Zabou-Alchemy
Magical Paint Brushes within the Temple of the Cats
Green Great Expectations: Mascot on the Wings of the Owl-Mask
Every Hour, Perched like an Owl She is Queen on Top of Her Tower
The Dog Lover ! ( Running Out of Room !!! )
Halloween of Creation. ( The Circus Queen and Her 9 Royal Dogs )
Altar for the Nature Queen; Hidden and Revealed within the Tower of Power
Hommage to the 3rd Reincarnation of Nefertiti - Pantomine: Tao of Laguna Hills
Masquerade in the V.I.P. Cosmic-Graffitti Mirror
She is in the Eye of the Cat
Indian Feather Clan:The Nesting-Ground Guardian
Nefertitiís Happiness within the Triangle of Power
Her Awakening!
Portrait of the Artist with Nefertiti Sculptures in Progress
The Hidden Mystic: Nefertiti Visits the Venice Carnival
In the Center of the Futuristic City Sanctuary of Colour: You will Find Her!
Nefertiti Reincarnated as Herself
Natures Masquerade: the Flow of Continuous Movement
Teleporting - Heiress of the Open Cage

ďHoly Cow !Ē The Flute Queen
Nefertitiís 40th Reincarnation: Paddling to Earth
The Things She Loves: The Archaeology of Nefertitiís 39th Reincarnation
The Conjuror:Nefertitiís Sunflower Guardian-Garden Man!
Nefertiti the Musician with Her Bird Composer
Spirit Lady of the Bird Festival
The Alchemy of Nefertitiís Reincarnation: She Listens to the Secret Message of the Sacred Bird
On a Fragment of a Wall, I Found a Love Letter to Nefertiti
Within the Cosmic Cave: Nefertiti is Reincarnated as the Guardian-Goddess
She is Outside Time
S/he is Queen of Horses
Mermaid Sea Deity
Kaleidoscopic Dream In The After Life
Meditation Elephant Sun
Marked ByThe Animal Mask And Born With A Birthday Hat A Cat !
Shamanistic Empress of the Light-Tower. (Enlightenment 911!)
My Angel of the Magical Zebra's
Meditation Empress within the Penguin-Pyramid Power
Mirage of the Celestial  Seeker

The Chosen Dressing for the Levitating Owl-Prince of the Sun-Birds
The Discovery of Life on the Sun Planet
Elephant-Boy is Going to Have His Tusk Repaired
Elephant-Boy's New Suit
Spirit of the Great Bear-Bird
The Earth-Beat Within the Night Watcher's Costume
The Court Jester's Dog
The Wheel of Fortune. (Lost in Time: The Animal Ark Crop; Circle Shield is Found)
In the heart of Nature's Liberty
Guardian Spirit Of The Animals
Time for The Turtle
Armed and Ready

The Great Bird Of  Eden!
Fishing For ?
Come Explore a Wonderland Even Lewis Carroll Would Love

Who is King? Killing me Softly!
I Believe in the Queen of Hearts
VSOP Passion for the King of Hearts!
Hotel Luna! Can you see the light through the holes?
Always Dream Time
Graffiti Love Wall- Play Me